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Dr. Efraín López (Dr. ELO)

Live Video Producer, Sustainable Management Solutions, L.L.C.


Dr. Efraín López (Dr. ELO) is a military veteran who has proudly served for approximately twenty in the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) as an active duty member and continues to serve as a Reservist. Dr. ELO also worked as a USCG Civilian for five years and continues to serve as a Civilian in the Maritime Administration of the Department of Transportation, where he serves as a Senior Transportation Analyst.

Dr. ELO also completed a Doctor of Management in Environmental and Social Sustainability from the Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, CO. Dr. López holds a degree in Network and Communications Management from the Devry University in Addison, IL, and a B.S. in Liberal Studies/Computer Information Science from Excelsior College in Albany, NY.

Dr. ELO is the President and CEO of Sustainable Management Solutions LLC which is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, and Minority-Owned Business founded with the fundamental principle to provide superior services that significantly enhance sustainable management while delivering change management solutions to small businesses, medium, and major corporations.

Dr. ELO is also the Co-Founder and past President of the Board of la Asociación Puertorriqueña de Sostenibilidad. This Non-Profit organization promotes Sustainability for the island of Puerto Rico. Dr. ELO is a Live Streaming professional and previously worked as a POD Program Coach and moderator for Live Streaming Pros. Dr. ELO also worked as the Community Manager and Live Video Producer for Be.Live, and remote live video platform. You can find Dr. ELO multi-streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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